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Fiber optic test and measurement

High-performance, agile and automated optical and network protocol testing solutions


  • Finding a trusted source of tools for all your optical testing needs
  • Introducing new, fully automated testing features into existing measurement setups
  • Finding affordable, flexible and reconfigurable tools for adaptable testing solutions
  • Addressing emerging optical test requirements with future-proof measurement technology
  • Addressing lack of wide range network protocol testing from 1G to 400G


Optical R&D labs are the driving force of all emerging network technologies. From single optical component development through to module integration and system validation, trusted optical test and measurement solutions are essential to any R&D research institute.

Although primarily designed for telecommunication applications, the same equipment can often be used for an extended range of non-telecom optical test and measurement purposes.

EXFO offers a line of future-proof test equipment to fit the optical testing needs of every optical R&D laboratory, from high-bandwidth communications to a wide variety of scientific and research applications.

Key benefits

Solutions for insertion loss, return loss and polarization dependent loss on passive optical components.

High-resolution optical spectrum analysis.

Full remote control of all test instruments for complete automation.

Comprehensive range of light sources including state-of-the-art lasers for passive component testing.

Wide choice of optical modules to build complete test systems.


  • Spectrally resolved passive optical component testing
  • Spectral characterization
  • Optical channel filtering
  • Sensing and spectroscopy
  • Interferometry and metrology
  • WDM light source

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