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Departments of Defense

Delivering lab to live, end-to-end test solutions supporting all entities within departments of defense


Cybersecurity: Cyber attacks, which pose a threat as part of today’s cyber espionage and electronic warfare, can be mitigated with EXFO’s test solutions to avoid intrusions and keep data safe.
5G to the Battlefield: When personnel are creating 5G hot spots on the battlefield to establish connectivity, EXFO test solutions can speed deployment by measuring performance and instantly identifying any issues.
Reliability: From the lab to live deployment, EXFO end-to-end test & measurement solutions can detect, report, and monitor network components that need attention before outages can occur.
AI-based insight: EXFO’s service assurance solutions provide real-time troubleshooting and automated analytics to deliver the right information to the right decision-maker – at the right time.
Inter-agency networks: EXFO has experience delivering test solutions that span multiple branches of service to ensure cohesive, well-managed connectivity.
Complex security challenges: To address varied security challenges, EXFO leverages its superior telecom know-how to provide solutions supporting investigative efforts.


EXFO has significant experience delivering test solutions that government technicians and engineers utilize to enable end-to-end network performance testing. We offer hardware and software test solutions to all branches of the armed forces -- Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Space Force, Coast Guard, National Guard -- to help ensure successful deployments, reliable performance, and ongoing cybersecurity.

EXFO is also aware of the need for legacy systems to integrate seamlessly with new technologies, and we can help optimize department of defense operations and prioritize strategic investments over time.

An example is the U.S. Air Force’s Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS) which, as described in a May, 2021 Public Affairs release, will be the backbone of a network-centric approach to battle management in partnership with all the services across the Department of Defense. That broader effort, the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2), will allow U.S. forces from all services and their allies and partners “to sense, make sense and act upon a vast array of data and information faster than adversaries can detect and respond”. The U.S. Air Force ABMS (JADC2 ID/IQ) contract includes EXFO.

End-to-end test equipment from lab to live and 5G to the battlefield

Automated end-to-end testing is key to reliable connectivity, and EXFO has test solutions for every part of the technology lifecycle, helping government technicians rapidly pinpoint and troubleshoot issues wherever they arise. Truly end-to-end solutions -- from lab to live and core to customer -- enable taking effective action and improving operational efficiency.

That’s especially important in situations that require military personnel to quickly establish networks in less-than-ideal conditions, including 5G to the battlefield. When communications security is paramount and cybersecurity is a key concern, reliable communications must be deployed quickly and efficiently, and EXFO test solutions will help make that happen.

Whether supporting a government office or military teams in the field, services and infrastructure can be deployed ‘first time right’ with the most intelligent optical test solutions from EXFO. Faster deployment of optical networks and 5G mobile networks, lower costs, and increased efficiency are delivered with our test solutions. EXFO’s Test & Measurement portfolio helps ensure network reliability from the lab to the field – and even onto the battlefield.

Analytics for better decision-making

EXFO ‘s service assurance solutions deliver real-time troubleshooting and automated analytics that are critical for your success. We will work with government entities to create an integrated test, monitoring and analytics platform to accelerate innovation and support operations -- which is especially important in an era of electronic warfare. We have a customer-centric approach, assessing and understanding requirements and deriving ideal solutions through collaboration.

Our Adaptive Service Assurance portfolio offers test, monitoring and analytics solutions from the core to RAN to customer. AI-driven solutions automatically detect and predict, diagnose and resolve customer-impacting events in complex, dynamic networks.

EXFO’s professional services increase the value of service assurance systems by partnering with our DoD customers to develop solutions tailored to their unique operational environments.

Key benefits

End-to-end testing across transport and datacom networks ensures fault detection and prevention before problems can escalate.


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