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Over-the-top video monitoring

Manage OTT video quality of experience (QoE). Deliver flawless streaming experiences. Capitalize on the video opportunity.

OTT video monitoring: visibility and control to deliver a flawless experience

Video represents a critical opportunity for operators. But, poor video QoE is the leading driver of network-related churn. Assuring excellent OTT video delivery requires a new way of seeing both customer QoE and network QoS.


Real-time QoE visibility

Unlike data or voice services, where quality issues are often tolerated, video delivery issues have an immediate and emotional impact. Not having continuous QoE visibility puts operators at risk of greater customer churn.

Maintaining a customer base that’s willing to sign up for premium services is essential for service providers to be able to build quality networks to meet the explosive demand for OTT video content.

The ability to understand QoE issues in real time puts operators back in control.

Change drivers

Over-the-top services are the dominant source of traffic in today’s networks. Increasingly, they are a primary source of consumer entertainment and an essential business tool. Service providers must evolve quickly to adapt to this new reality. Managing customers’ QoS and QoE will be critical to long-term revenue, profit and market share.

Network experience accounts for 53% of Net Promoter Score. The majority of customers now choose their provider based on their video content and quality.


  • Unresolved quality issues

  • Customer churn

  • Undetected issues

  • Slower 5G growth

The path forward

OTT video services present a unique challenge to service providers. While they are the ‘middleman’ in someone else’s service, they are often held accountable for the quality. Take control of OTT delivery with end-to-end and segmented path QoE and QoS visibility to power your operations team and delight your customers.

New services and customer expectations demand a new way of monitoring. OTT video is the new ‘voice service’.

  • Fault distribution

  • Correlated QoS and QoE

  • Big data solution

  • Video quality issues


OTT services are highly encrypted and terminate outside the operator’s network, making faults in them challenging to identify and monitor—often involving multiple teams using multiple tools. Having a single source of both QoE and QoS monitoring overcomes this challenge. Combining this level of visibility with other inputs can offer a complete view of existing and future issues.

Network-centric QoE visibility

Operations-focused OTT video monitoring solution that correlates perceptive video quality metrics (QoE) with underlying network quality metrics (QoS) to automatically detect and diagnose the root cause of poor OTT video transport.

Integrated visibility delivers a ‘single pane of glass’ view, allowing operators to get control of this service highly dynamic service.