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Fiber deep and distributed access architecture (DAA)

Stay in control of the upcoming extreme makeover for gigabit networks. CATV and multiple-system operators (MSOs) are transforming their networks to support DOCSIS 3.1 and FTTH. Fiber deep is a key part of how next-gen cabling is being deployed—as it pushes fiber ever closer to subscribers for a better customer experience. Gear up for the transition to next-gen technologies.


The current use of distributed access architecture (DAA) technologies, such as Metro Ethernet, and fiber deep with node plus zero architecture (Node+0) leading to Remote PHY (RPHY) is changing the face of traditional deployments. Access networks will require more fibers, more wavelengths and Ethernet transport to deliver high-speed connectivity. This transformation also requires a major upgrade of the core/backbone networks to support 100G+ including a new layout and new technologies in the head-ends.

On time and on budget: future-proof your networks today

EXFO provides network operators with the expert testing knowledge, tools and environment they need to seamlessly roll out fiber deep/DAA. With field-proven procedures and intelligent test solutions, you get reliable results on the first try and advanced diagnostics in case of problems with the links. You can now connect more nodes and provide new services, get new customers and expand the business to new areas for a quicker return on investment.

Complete DAA testing suite

Roll out DAA technologies efficiently and seamlessly on the first try with EXFO’s complete suite of testers that includes fully automated fiber inspection probes, xWDM OTDR for link validation, optical spectrum analyzers (OSAs) to validate DWDM channel wavelengths and power levels, as well as Ethernet testers for service validation.

Key benefits

Quicker transition from copper to optical fiber testing.

Getting the right results on the first try means fewer repeat jobs, truck rolls and reduced OPEX.

Instant troubleshooting from the head-end to locate problem and dispatch right away.

All-in-one tools allowing technicians to perform various test types with a single device.

Automated workflow process with job management, real-time results upload and data analytics.


  • Gigabit speed test
  • Fiber inspection
  • 10G/100G Ethernet service validation
  • CWDM/DWDM fiber characterization
  • Spectral CWDM/DWDM analysis
  • Next-gen and legacy PON testing
  • Field test management automation
  • Remote fiber monitoring

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