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Customer management - Nova Analytics

Get an unparalleled understanding of customer behavior, follow QoE for key customers, detect potential churners, monitor and assess corporate service level agreements (SLAs).

Improve customer engagement

With Nova Analytics, you gain a better understanding of customer behavior, deep insights into the services and applications they use, and the ability to monitor customer QoE and detect potential churners. With this information, you can develop a personalized communication strategy, more effective marketing campaigns to increase loyalty, upsell different packages and cross-sell services.

Monitor high-value customer QoE and SLA

  • Quickly resolve network problems that affect your high-value and corporate subscribers.
  • Evaluate QoE from a group of subscribers down to individual subscribers, taking into account their location, handset and service usage.
  • Focus resources on delivering coverage and capacity to cells with a high concentration of high-value customers to drive new revenue.
  • Automatic SLA reporting dashboards enable you to easily check how well you are meeting your SLA policies and facilitate new corporate contract negotiation.

Predict customer churn

With Nova Analytics, you can analyze subscribers’ behavior and evaluate their satisfaction level through key quality indicators. By correlating this information with, for example the net promoter score (NPS) indicating the number of times these customers complained during the last 3 months and the days left until the end of their tariff plan, you can then establish a churn indicator for each subscriber. Periodically a list of potential churners is generated and marketing retention campaigns can be triggered.

Ensure successful marketing campaigns

The goal of marketing is to drive subscriber acquisition or increase the effectiveness of retention campaigns in order to maximize revenues. Empowered with Nova Analytics, marketers get a better understanding of customer usage and service perception to:

  • Segment customer base according to subscriber usage
  • Adapt tariff plans based on subscriber usage
  • Provide the best and most relevant devices, services and applications
  • Monitor the impact of marketing initiatives such as device launches or price changes
  • Identify target groups and prioritize customer segments for up-selling or retention activities
  • Build profiles for mobile advertising purposes

“We are very proud of winning the GTB awards with our partner EXFO Astellia. Zain is strongly committed to offering our valued customers the most appealing products and services. Together with Astellia, we worked on innovative CEM use cases to improve end user experience, raise customer satisfaction and generate new revenue streams. These use cases also helped us in shifting our operations from network centric to customer/service centric.”

Eng. Sultan Abdulaziz Al Deghaither
Chief Technology Officer, Zain Saudi Arabia