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Promotional videos

Browse our library of promotional videos for a first-hand look at EXFO's products and solutions in action.

EXFO’s Lightwave Online Innovation Review award winners at OFC 2023

Discover EXFO's comprehensive PIC testing solution

Say no to downtime and disruptions!

Rule your fiber with remote testing and monitoring

First look: EXFO’s FTBx-88800 Series 800G tester

5G Assurance and Troubleshooting with EXFO Reveal

Meet the FTBx-88480

Topology-aware transport assurance

EXFO introduces key 400G/800G high-speed solutions at ECOC 2022

Print out 3D table stands for the FIP-500

Full-stack assurance overview and use cases

EXFO’s end-to-end interconnect testing paves the way for data center transformation

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