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Network performance

Monitor and improve your network for peak performance. Differentiate with exceptional experience

Dynamic network performance to meet high customer expectations

Networks are changing and expanding, yet customers expect their applications and services to perform well every time. Software-defined networks and automation require dynamic, customer-centric and AI-driven network performance assurance. This is key to provide clear performance visibility into each service, customer and device.


Traffic and data volume

The network is a rich source of data, but the volume is overwhelming. Mobile data traffic growth and new devices connected to 5G networks make it critical to get control and improve visibility. Cutting through the noise to identify anomalies and resolve issues at speed is essential.

Change drivers

Network performance requirements are rapidly evolving. What’s driving this: service mix changes, more stringent latency demands, dynamic network and service topologies, and hard-to-detect service degradations. To stay ahead and identify problems before customers do, service providers need complete performance visibility, fast insights and high-quality data for automation.

Service degradations impact customers more than outages. Operations is lucky to see 10% of them.


  • Slow MTTR

  • Increased churn

  • Ineffective automation

  • Delayed insight

The path forward

It’s hard to maintain optimal network performance with slow analytics, volumes of data without context, alarm noise, and details lost in KPI averages. Drive peak performance with adaptive insight that’s timely, customer-centric and supports automation. Detect issues. Correlate and isolate faults.

Dynamic networks and services, and 5G customer expectations, demand a new approach to service assurance.


  • Integrated QoS and QoE

  • Rapid insight

  • AI-driven

  • Dynamic topology


Dynamic networks and applications are complex. Adaptive service assurance provides the right data at the right time, in context, to deliver network performance that exceeds customer expectations.

Integrated multi-domain visibility

Complete all-layer network and service visibility from customer to RAN and core to cloud. Correlate diverse data sources to monitor every service, customer and device.

Integrated visibility also means seamless insight across hybrid physical and virtualized networks and services, as well as multigenerational 2G-3G-4G and 5G networks.