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Product demos

Browse our library of demo videos for a first-hand look at EXFO's products and solutions in action.

FIP-500 - How to switch between single-fiber and multi-fiber

Getting started with FastReporter 3 Data Post-Processing analysis software

How to launch and use FastReporter with TestFlow

FIP-500 - Product virtual tour

EA-4000: ultra-fast electrical/optical sampling scope

800G bit-error-rate testing enhanced with FEC capabilities

Leading-edge BER testing up to 800G

See the 5GPro Spectrum Analyzer in action!

Putting EXFO’s new iOLM Fast Short Link feature to the test

Critical QoS and QoE insight into OTT video performance

An overview of the FIP-500 fiber inspection scope

Nova Geolytics: multi-dimensional, geo-located, subscriber-centric analytics for 3G/4G/5G mobile RAN

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