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Switch and utility module

EXFO’s modular optical switches offer a full range of features for bidirectional component testing, ribbon fiber testing, multichannel monitoring, remote and multiple-component testing, signal routing and bypass switching.

6 products

FTBx-9110 - MEMS optical switch

Provides repeatable fiber-to-fiber switching in a compact format.

LTBe-9110 - MEMS optical switch

Repeatable fiber-to-fiber switching in a compact format.

OSICS SWT - Optical switches and shutters

The ideal optical switches and shutters for automating test setups in lab and manufacturing environments

FTBx-9160 - MEMS optical switch

Provides highly accurate and repeatable fiber-to-fiber switching

FTBx-9600 - utility module

Integrated couplers and splitters into the LTB-8 platform.

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