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OSICS SWT - optical switches and shutters

The ideal optical switches and shutters for automating test setups in lab and manufacturing environments

Spec sheet (PDF) User manual (PDF)

All products OSICS SWT - optical switches and shutters
All products OSICS SWT - optical switches and shutters

Key features

  • Low insertion and polarization-dependent loss
  • High repeatability
  • High optical isolation
  • Low back reflection
  • Broad spectral range
  • Switch time lower than 30 ms


OSICS SWT is a full suite of fiber optic switch and shutter modules based on optical prism technology. These modules are ideal for automating test setups and reducing measurement uncertainties due to optical connections in a laboratory or manufacturing environment.

Bidirectional performance

All OSICS SWT modules are bidirectional—they can operate in a common or reverse configuration, allowing you to direct a laser signal from the common input to either output channels or steer one of the input channels through the common output channel.

Sequential switching

This feature lets you activate each channel successively according to a preconfigured schedule.

OSICS SWT - optical switches and shutters

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