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Nova Geo - geolocated RF and RAN optimization tool

Multitechnology & multivendor radio optimization tool measuring RF coverage & quality of the network. Facilitates daily radio optimization tasks by automating recurrent analysis and drastically reduces the number of drive tests.

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All products Nova Geo - geolocated RF and RAN optimization tool
All products Nova Geo - geolocated RF and RAN optimization tool

Nova Geo, designed to help you:

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce drive tests by 80%
  • Improve capacity & save CAPEX
  • Achieve faster network deployments

Automated & geo-located RF optimization

A fully virtualized solution, Nova Geo supports the most advanced geolocation techniques including trilateration, fingerprinting and multilateration to guarantee first class accuracy in locating devices and radio conditions across multi-technology networks (2G/3G/4G/LPWAN).

Fast and massive performance maps

Nova Geo features state of the art geolocation technology that leverages radio measurement data to produce 24x7 massive performance maps (i.e. RF coverage, traffic, quality, etc.) from nation-wide coverage down to 50m x 50m. The advanced solution architecture provides the fastest solution in the market to calculate the maps and make them available through the user interface. 

Machine learning algorithms

Nova Geo’s classification algorithms distinguish indoor/outdoor, static/mobility calls. Combined with advanced location-aware algorithms, it precisely locates capacity hotspots, coverage holes, pilot pollution and VIP areas to target and prioritize network operations such as new site introduction, small cell planning and parameters tuning.

Powerful geo-analytics

Multiple map filtering options provide users with capabilities to perform in-depth analysis based on user-defined geographical areas. By leveraging EXFO’s probing solution, geolocation maps can be enriched with very valuable user plane information such as application usage and video quality.

Advanced troubleshooting

In only one click, users can drill down from user-defined geographical areas to individual call detailed records (CDR) and benefit from improved troubleshooting efficiency.

Geolocation goldmine capitalization

Nova Geo also offers the possibility to export geolocation data through a North Bound Interface (NBI) into operators’ big data lake to implement additional Use Cases on top of the existing ones proposed by the solution.

Subscriber privacy respect

The solution embeds the most advanced security and privacy measures such as IMSI ciphering, IMSI masking and user profiles with different access rights in order to guarantee the privacy of each subscriber.

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