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OTH-7000 - Optical test head

Compact OTDR-based remote test unit designed for FTTx PON deployments, fiber-optic network monitoring and troubleshooting.


Part of EXFO RFTM and leveraging advanced iOLM technology, the OTH-7000 is a compact and cost-effective remote test unit is purpose-built for FTTx rollouts and fiber monitoring.

Small and scalable

The most compact design in the industry—with up to 64 ports in a ½ RU form factor. ½ RU optical switch modules (with up to 256 ports) can be added to increase capacity. ½ RU test access module kit (with up to 64 channels) can be added to combine with live traffic.

Smart design for COs and cabinets

With EXFO's Fiber Management System (FMS) user interface or mobile app, it has never been easier to deploy, monitor, activate or troubleshoot PON. Requiring only 10W of power consumption, no internal fan and featuring an optional SFP port for Ethernet communications, this unit is designed for central offices or cabinets.


EXFO’s innovative iOLM technology in a compact footprint reduces CAPEX by enabling centralized testing and cuts down OPEX through remote network testing, monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities, entailing fewer truck rolls.

Key capabilities

From construction to troubleshooting, the OTH-7000 turns traditional OTDR testing into clear, automated, first-time-right results, regardless of skill level.

FTTx/PON deployment

Automated and on-demand testing during fiber network construction. EXFO’s remote fiber testing and monitoring (RFTM) solution enables FTTx service providers, altnets and contractors to build high-quality passive optical networks (PON) right from the start, reducing costly rework. With automated test data collection, gain visibility into your fiber-optic network inventory and accelerate activation and monetization.

Next steps

Learn more about the OTH-7000 and its applications