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Nova Active - Nova Active

Active service assurance and network performance monitoring. Actionable insight for service providers.

Nova Active service assurance

The most scalable QoS and QoE monitoring available. Delivering a flawless customer experience over dynamic, virtualized networks and services.

Unique, end-to-end visibility

The most complete, insightful active testing solution. Assure voice, video, network and application performance from home, enterprise and cell sites to transport, core and cloud.

Your network’s heartbeat

Dynamically identify network impairments affecting user experience and service performance. Pinpoint where issues originate and how they relate. Drive effective action.

Unique capabilities

Only Nova Active offers this level of visibility and insight.

Massive scalability

Nova Active assurance is Tier-1-proven. It monitors immense networks end-to-end within the smallest compute footprint.

Integrated QoS and QoE

Nova Active offers the most complete QoS and QoE test portfolio. A third of its 130+ test functions directly measure quality of experience.

Flexible, fast deployment

Virtualized and containerized Nova Verifier probes can be directly orchestrated, instantiated and scaled within seconds.

Actionable insight

Overcome big data barriers with AI-driven impairment detection and diagnosis capabilities optimized for active monitoring.

Use cases

Nova Active helps you reach new revenue faster and resolve complex issues in massive hybrid networks.

Network performance

Turn-up, troubleshoot, monitor, and optimize networks for peak performance. Orchestrate active testing to stay in step with dynamic services.

Deliver exceptional QoE by identifying network impairments that affect user experience.

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