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Nova Alerter - Real-time network monitoring and supervision software

Empowers you with real-time fault detection, triggering alarms based on customer-related quality indicators and KPI trend analysis

Real-time monitoring and supervision

Get quick reaction time to events via highly flexible and powerful counters and alarm triggering definitions as well as real-time supervision and alarming. These features are crucial to identify equipment failures or unexpected behaviors of network elements or links (MSCs, SGSN, IN platforms, SMS center, HLR etc.)

Subscriber-centric network alarms

Nova Alerter monitors subscribers’ activity across the entire network, helping you uncover quality issues that are undetectable with network equipment-focused supervision systems.

  • Basic procedure efficiency and advanced QoS indicators reflect customer experience
  • Includes a web-based alarming console, integrating real-time counter trend graphs.

Alarm prioritization

Nova Alerter prioritizes and categorizes alarms by severity level, increasing your productivity, particularly during alarm floods. If a threshold value is breached, an alarm is triggered and shared through SNMP traps or emails. Alarms can be exported in real time to a third-party supervision tool through North Bound Interface (NBI).