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Spectral testing

EXFO’s in-band, Pol-Mux OSNR and in-service Pol-Mux OSNR methods are the answer to the question of how to accurately measure optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) on a per-channel basis in ROADM and 100 Gbit/s (and higher) networks.

Spectral testing
Spectral testing

5 products


FTB-5235 - optical spectrum analyzer

Compact OSA for DWDM, CWDM, and DWDM over CWDM networks

FOT-5205 - DWDM channel checker

Handheld channel checker for monitoring DWDM channels and measuring their power

FTB-5230S/-OCA - OSA and optical channel analyzer

Flexible optical spectrum analyzer for DWDM, CWDM and hybrid network testing and an optical channel analyzer for a wide range of WDM applications.

FOT-5200 - CWDM Channel Power Analyzer

An innovative, low-cost analyzer for installation, maintenance and repair of any CWDM network.