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FOT-5200 - CWDM Channel Power Analyzer

An innovative, low-cost analyzer for installation, maintenance and repair of any CWDM network.

Key features

16 and 18 CWDM channel models
Save and download data
Broadband power-meter feature
Bar graph, plus table of results
Fastest and smallest CWDM tester on the market


Installation, maintenance, repair of any CWDM network
Cellular backhaul activation for telco and CATV operators


This CWDM channel checker is an innovative, low-cost analyzer for installing, maintaining and repairing CWDM networks. EXFO's FOT-5200 can measure the power of the 18 CWDM channels, in access network.

Awards and reviews

Innovation and leadership have always been front and center at EXFO. Each year, we strive to develop solutions that will ensure superior customer experience in smarter, modern networks. Being recognized as such is always a great honor. Learn more about our awards: