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Smart cities and communities

Deploy, maintain and service your smart community networks with a complete suite of test solutions.


Provide high speed interconnections between different entities
Network reliability
No in-house telecom expert
Network visibility
Not part of the core business
Complex deployment environment


In this day and age, it is vital to review the way you manage your network and the security of the content running through it. According to a recently updated map of community-owned networks, more than 750 communities across the United States have embraced operating their own municipal broadband network. These are served by local, rural electric cooperatives, or have made at least some portion of their local fiber network publicly available.

Utility companies and counties can generate additional revenue streams for their core business by leasing fiber assets to network providers. This maximizes return of investment but also comes with the challenge of managing and enforcing customer service-level agreements (SLAs).

How can these communities ensure SLAs are met and protect themselves from penalty payouts?

They need a cost-effective solution that provides this assurance and protection, and more. Powered by EXFO’s industry-leading expertise in fiber testing and physical-layer monitoring, the Fiber Guardian can help these communities greatly improve mean-time-to-repair and mobility, especially if they are running low on staff. Fiber Guardian is coupled with Fiber Test Insight to deliver quick fault-on-map localization whenever a degradation or fiber outage occurs. This innovative solution has been adopted by operators and state-owned networks worldwide for its ease-of-use and benefits.

Key benefits

This network monitoring solution requires minimum staff for repair and maintenance.


Fiber characterization
Network monitoring
Network troubleshooting
Service activation
QoS monitoring
Service troubleshooting