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Refurbished products

Refurbished EXFO products are qualified and calibrated when purchased.

Why choose refurbished EXFO instruments over gray-market products?

  • All refurbished units are serviced and verified
  • All refurbished units (excluding Transport and Datacom products) are calibrated and certified to comply with EXFO's original specifications; calibration of Transport and Datacom refurbished demo products is available at extra cost
  • They come with a six-month or one-year warranty depending on the age of the instrument
  • They are available in various configurations

Credit application needed

Before placing your first order, please submit a credit application to our credit department to enable efficient processing of all future transactions

Download the complete list (PDF) of refurbished products*

* Quantities are limited. Products are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Discount varies depending on instrument age and condition.


Request a quote for a refurbished product