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Refurbished products

Refurbished EXFO products are qualified and calibrated when purchased.

Why choose refurbished EXFO instruments over gray-market products?

  • All refurbished units are serviced and verified
  • All refurbished units (excluding Transport and Datacom products) are calibrated and certified to comply with EXFO's original specifications; calibration of Transport and Datacom refurbished demo products is available at extra cost
  • They come with a six-month or one-year warranty depending on the age of the instrument
  • They are available in various configuration
U.S. customers can now buy a limited selection of EXFO-certified refurbished products from EXFO's new online store.

Refurbished products list

The following list contains the available refurbished EXFO instruments. Demo equipment is offered on a first-come first-served basis. Availability and pricing are not guaranteed. Calibration of Transport & Datacom refurbished demos is available at an extra cost. For more information about refurbished EXFO instruments, contact our sales representatives.

EXFO # Product Available quantity
FTB-2250-NS2666 Broadband Source 1
FTB-4-PRO-S2-128G-RF-VPM2X 4-Slot Capacity Pro Modular Mainframe 1
FTB-500-S2-OCT Modular Mainframe Unit 1
FTB-500-S2-OCT-VPM3 Modular Mainframe Unit 2
FTB-5500B-EA PMD Analyzer 2
FTB-5600-EA Distributed PMD Analyzer 1
FTB-5800-EA Chromatic Dispersion Analyzer 1
FTBx-1750-02X-4 Detector Module 1
FTBx-1750-ISP-1 Detector Module 1
FTBx-2150-0012C-1-EI Optical Light Source 1
FTBx-2150-2346B-4-EA Optical Light Source 1
FTBx-2150-NS2672 Optical Light Source 1
FTBx-5235-EI Optical Spectrum Analyzer Module 4
FTBx-5243-HWA-EI Optical Spectrum Analyser 2
FTBx-5245-P-EI Optical Spectrum Analyzer Module 2
FTBx-720C-Q1-EA-EI OTDR Module 1
FTBx-720C-SM1-EA OTDR Module 13
FTBx-730C-SM1-EA OTDR Module 1
FTBx-730C-SM2-OPM-EA OTDR Module 2
FTBx-730C-SM2-OPM2-EA OTDR Module 1
FTBx-730C-SM3-EA OTDR Module 1
FTBx-730C-SM8-OPM-EA OTDR Module 1
FTBx-730C-SM8-OPM2-EA OTDR Module 2
FTBx-735C-SM2-OPM-EA OTDR Module 1
FTBx-735C-SM2-OPM2-EA OTDR Module 1
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