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Modular test platforms

EXFO’s FTB line of portable field test platforms empowers frontline techs to take field-testing efficiency to the next level. Each one features a common Windows-based architecture, built-in and third-party software tools, as well as multiple connectivity possibilities.

6 products

LTB-2 - rackmount modular mainframe

The LTB-2 is a powerful, scalable, two-slot modular rackmount platform designed for multiservice testing at central office environments and labs.

FTB-4 Pro - platform

The most flexible solution to test multiple technologies and high speed networks.

FTB-1v2/Pro - single- or dual-carrier platform

Empowering frontline technicians with a truly fast and powerful multitechnology test platform

FTB-2/Pro - platform

The most compact multitechnology test platform for the supertech.

FTB-500 - platform

Provides boundless capabilities through an expert multimodular platform designed for true next-generation network testing

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