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Remote PHY and fiber deep

A key transformation towards next-generation gigabit networks. CATV and multiple-system operators (MSOs) are transforming their networks to support DOCSIS 3.1 and eventually FTTH/EPON. Fiber deep is a key part of how next-gen cabling is being deployed—as it pushes fiber ever closer to subscribers for a better customer experience. Gear up for the transition to next-gen technologies.


The current architecture of fiber deep with node plus zero architecture (Node+0) is migrating Remote PHY (RPHY) which will require a significant increase in number of nodes and new fibers to connect them. This transformation also requires a major upgrade of the core/backbone networks to support 100G+, important changes in the head-ends to turn them into mini-data centers which will feed the multiple nodes with DWDM Ethernet signals. This new network infrastructure potentially represents an important shared fronthaul for 5G antennas, enabling new services for the carriers.

On time and on budget: future-proof your networks today

EXFO provides network operators with the expert testing knowledge, tools and environment they need to seamlessly roll out RPHY. With field-proven procedures and intelligent test solutions, you get reliable results on the first try and advanced diagnostics in case of problems with the links. You can now connect more nodes and provide new services, get new customers and expand the business to new areas for a quicker return on investment.

Complete RPHY and xWDM testing suite

Roll out fiber deep/RPHY efficiently and seamlessly on the first try with EXFO’s complete suite of testers that includes fully automated fiber inspection probes, xWDM OTDR for link validation, optical spectrum analyzers (OSAs) to validate DWDM channel wavelengths and power levels, as well as Ethernet testers for service validation.

Key benefits

Quicker transition from copper to optical fiber testing.


Gigabit speed test
Fiber inspection
10G/100G Ethernet service validation
PTP 1588 SyncE, Y.1564, RFC 2544
DWDM fiber troubleshooting
DWDM channel measurement
Field test management automation
Remote fiber monitoring