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FTBx-945 Telco OLTS -

Multifunction optical loss test set (OLTS) for the FTB-2 and FTB-2 PRO platforms

Key features

Perform 100% automated bidirectional tests at two wavelengths in under 5 seconds with FasTesT™
100% automated fiber inspection: one-step process with pass/fail analysis at both ends
On-board assistant and diagnosis to reduce reference errors and negative loss
Improved short fiber measurement
Compatible with FTB-2 and FTB-2 PRO platforms
Best-in-class singlemode distance range of 200 km


Telco fully automated OLTS module

The FTBx-940/945 Telco OLTS can measure insertion loss (IL), optical return loss (ORL) and fiber length at two wavelengths under 5 seconds via fully automated bidirectional FasTesT™ analysis. FTTx certification and outside plant network testing just became a lot faster.

OLTS module for Telco, FTTx and outside plant testing

Ever since its introduction in 1996, the patented FasTesT™ technology revolutionized the industry by fully automating the test sequence, thereby saving countless hours of testing and troubleshooting in the field. Proven in thousands of diverse network deployments across the globe, FasTesT™ truly generates CAPEX/OPEX savings.

Manage field tests. Streamline workflows. Unlock insights. 

Interconnect all parts of your field test ecosystem through EXFO Exchange, our open collaborative software platform.


Key benefits include:


Connect operations with real-time visibility.

Increase collaboration and build trust with business partners.

Boost efficiency with automated processes.

Reduce maintenance costs.

Unlock insights to see what matters.