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EXFO Exchange - sharing test results and ensuring compliance

Paired with EXFO’s leading test instruments, this trusted cloud-hosted solution drives an entire ecosystem, while integrating seamlessly with existing operation processes.

Share test results. Boost compliance. Unlock insights.

Efficiently manage test data and compliance with EXFO Exchange, empowering field technicians and managers with real-time visibility for faster job completion.

Automate test results management 

EXFO Exchange allows compatible test equipment to upload test results to the cloud in real time. Data can be exported to seamlessly integrate with your existing IT ecosystem. 

Even in offline scenarios, data can be uploaded later, ensuring flexibility in managing your testing workflows. 

Boost compliance and efficiency 

Create predefined test sequences and thresholds, assign jobs to technicians and validate test results. Achieve visibility over job progress in real time. 

Improve collaboration and visibility 

Invite various users from your organization or trusted partners to your workspace(s) on EXFO Exchange. Enhance collaboration, share insights and boost visibility over your field test operations. 

Comprehensive reporting 

Create comprehensive reporting and closeout reports in just a few clicks. EXFO Exchange empowers you to streamline reporting processes; saving time and enhancing overall productivity. 

Flexible data options for deeper insights 

EXFO Exchange includes a wide range of capabilities for next-level efficiency in field testing. EXFO Exchange, through various options and packages, also allows you to integrate and further leverage your test data for business intelligence and actionable insights.

Explore data access packages

Simple setup in three steps :

create free exfo exchange account

Create your free EXFO Exchange account 

Begin your journey by creating an EXFO Exchange account. Setting up your account is quick and easy. 

cta create account


exchange install mobile app

Install the mobile app 

Download the EXFO Exchange app to allow test data from compatible EXFO devices to be uploaded securely to the cloud (free of charge).

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For MaxTester & FTB users, install the native app. 

cta access native app

exchange save time boost efficiency

Save time and boost efficiency 

Once your account created—and the mobile app installed and paired with compatible EXFO devices—all test results will be sent to the cloud. On the web app, you will see field test results from all invited testers.

exchange icon secure exchange