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FTBx-88460 - 400G test solution for the field

The most flexible multi-technology 400G test solution on the market for field applications

A smart investment in 400G testing

The deployment of 400G connections is already underway and technologies such as 400G ZR/ZR+ coherent pluggables are emerging to address multiple scenarios and use cases. EXFO’s 400G test solution, the FTBx-88460 with the unique Open Transceiver System (OTS), offers a versatile and flexible design that supports all of today’s high-speed ecosystem technologies and new ones as they become available—empowering you to keep pace while ensuring your technology investments are future-proof.

A complete 400G test solution for field applications

Service providers are constantly expanding networks, looking for more cost-effective ways to deploy high-speed circuits. The FTBx-88460 offers ultimate versatility to validate new 400G services as well as existing multi-rate networks.

A single test solution that allows technicians and engineers to test all Ethernet rates from 1GE to 400GE, including 25GE, 40GE, 50GE and 200GE. The Ethernet rates can be enabled at any time without having to add an extra module or return the equipment for a factory upgrade.


The era of 400G ZR and ZR+ coherent transceivers

Coherent transceivers have become a key technology for data center interconnect (DCI), Metro Ethernet and long-haul applications. They offer many advantages including covering longer distances (1000+ km), significant cost savings (OPEX and CAPEX) and network simplification by reducing the number of elements within the network. EXFO’s 400G test solution supports 400G ZR and ZR+ coherent pluggables, enabling the seamless testing and validation of next-gen high-speed networks.

Validate pluggable transceivers quickly and easily

Available on the FTBx-88460 solution, iOptics is an intelligent pluggable optics test application that can be used in the field or lab environment. It evaluates the proper operation of an optical interface from 1G to 400G, easily and with minimal configuration.

iOptics validates a full range of transceivers including QSFP-DD, CFP8, QSFP28, QSFP+, SFP28, SFP+, SFP, AOC QSFP28 cables, DAC QSFP-DD, Bidi SFP+ and SFP.

Bringing ultimate versatility to labs, production floors and field environments

The FTBx-88460 module delivers an optimized and versatile test solution. Designed to offer maximum flexibility, these modules can be inserted into the compact and portable FTB-4 Pro or the LTB-8 rackmount platforms for a seamless transition from in-lab innovation, to the production floor and to testing in the field.

This solution supports all of today’s latest high-speed ecosystem technologies (400G, FlexE and OTUCn/FlexO) and transceivers on a single module—delivering a comprehensive suite of test capabilities for technicians and engineers to install and maintain next-generation networks.

Key features

400G/200G Ethernet testing capabilities based on IEEE 802.3bs standard
Single module supporting 1G to 400G testing without any additional HW
Offers all test tools needed for 400G testing: KP4 FEC assessment, virtual eye-opening histogram
EXFO’s Open Transceiver System (OTS): innovative, evolutionary design enabling the validation of QSFP-DD, OSFP and CFP8 interfaces
Ready to support coherent ZR and ZR+ transceivers
Supports quick optical transceiver validation and sanity check using iOptics, an intelligent pluggable optics test application
Comprehensive set of test applications for Service Activation ( EtherSAM Y.1564, RFC 2544, BERT) and troubleshooting activities from 1G to 400G
Break-out cable validation: 4 x 100GE and 2 x 100GE
The only 400G field test solution that supports a complete toolset of FlexE (1.0, 2.0) and FlexO capabilities


Validation of 200G/400G network elements in Carrier Labs
Transceiver validation
1G to 400G service deployment and QoS assessment (SLA validation)
Business Ethernet services, Metro/Core networks validation
Data center interconnect validation

Manage field tests. Streamline workflows. Unlock insights. 

Interconnect all parts of your field test ecosystem through EXFO Exchange, our open collaborative software platform.


Key benefits include:


Connect operations with real-time visibility.

Increase collaboration and build trust with business partners.

Boost efficiency with automated processes.

Reduce maintenance costs.

Unlock insights to see what matters.

Awards and reviews

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