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FTBx-88800 Series - 800G test solutions for the lab

Compact, powerful 800G traffic generation and monitoring. Industry’s first portable 800G test solution.

Shift into hyperdrive!

Take 800G from lab to live

The FTBx-88800 Series is a powerful 800G test solution that’s compatible with EXFO's latest FTB-1 Pro and FTB-4 Pro portable platforms and LTB-8 rackmount platform. The series is perfectly suited for developers who need to validate interoperability and compliance with the latest 800G standards, such as those set by the IEEE, Ethernet Technology Consortium (ETC) and OIF. Take 800G testing from lab to lab with the FTBx-88800 Series in the latest version of the FTB-1 Pro and experience the industry's first portable, compact 800G test solution. It’s also the first portable validation tool for 800ZR coherent pluggables (QSFP-DD and OSFP).  Featuring transceiver breakout testing and support for various transceiver form factors (i.e., QSFP-DD and OSFP), the FTBx-88800 Series delivers the ultimate in speed and flexibility to 800GE testing programs.

Maximize your 800G test plans with the ultimate in flexibility and reliability

Unique single-port test configuration: supports QSFP-DD and OSFP optics including 800G, 400G and 200G rates (FTBx-88801)
Install it in the latest FTB-1 Pro platform for the industry's first compact, portable 800G test solution
Achieve 3.2TB by combining 4x FTBx-88800 Series modules into EXFO’s LTB-8 3RU rackmount platform

Validate 800G signal-breakout accuracy across multiple configurations (i.e., 1x 800GE, 2x 400GE, 8x 100GE)

Compliant with 800G standards set by the Ethernet Technology Consortium, IEEE and OIF

Integrate into EXFO's end-to-end optical transceiver test solution for complete 800G electro-optical transceiver compliance validation

Industry’s first compact portable validation tool for 800ZR, 400ZR and OpenZR+ coherent pluggables (i.e., QSFP-DD and OSFP)

Automated testing for extreme flexibility and efficiency across 800G test plans

Go ahead, put 800G technologies to the test!

Be ready for deployment with reliable test solutions that put 800G technologies to the test by accurately simulating real-world conditions. Make sure components and equipment are compliant with the latest industry standards, are live-network ready and 800GE interoperable.

When 800G DSPs are integrated within transceivers, it’s important to ensure they can transmit signals reliably as well as accurately break out 800G signals.

The FTBx-88800 Series validates 800G signal-breakout accuracy across multiple configurations (i.e., 1x 800GE, 2x 400GE, 8x 100GE), a critical step in evaluating DSPs during development and prior to manufacturing.


Discover the FTBx-88800 Series

The network communications industry is migrating once again—this time the shift is to 800G. Now the rush is on to develop and validate a new wave of high-speed devices. The FTBx-88800 Series empowers transceiver developers, chip makers, equipment vendors and data centers to confidently transition their solutions from lab to fab as they accelerate into hyperdrive with 800G.

Take 800G testing from lab to lab

Another industry first! This time EXFO delivers the industry's first portable, compact 800G test solution. Combine the FTBx-88800 Series with the latest version of EXFO’s FTB-1 Pro portable platform and easily move our 800G test solution within the lab—or from lab to lab—for the utmost in test flexibility and efficiency.

Validate disaggregated 800G signals with confidence

Breakout signal testing is especially important within high-density environments like data centers. Once 800G is rolled out into these live network environments, finding faulty signal-breakout locations could be like finding a needle in a haystack. Validate 800G signal-breakout accuracy across multiple configurations (i.e., 1x 800GE, 2x 400GE, 8x 100GE) with the FTBx-88800 Series. 

OSFP and QSFP-DD test ports

The FTBx-88800 Series offers a mix of OSFP and QSFP-DD test ports.  

  • Need to test OSFP and QSFP? Then your choice is the FTBx-88801, featuring 1x OSFP port and 1x QSFP-DD port.
  • Need to test only QSFP-DD? Then choose the FTBx-88800 with its 2x QSFP-DD ports.

Pair either test module with the latest FTB-1 Pro and get the flexibility of the industry’s first compact, portable 800G test solution. Whichever test module you choose, we’ve got the network test solution that best fits your lab’s 800G testing requirements.

Support for 800ZR optics

Coherent transceivers have become indispensable in long-haul data center and metro applications. Amidst the rapid pace of technological progress, coherent optics are also advancing, exemplified recently by the significant leap to 800ZR. This transition represents a crucial milestone in the development of high-speed communication networks, offering unprecedented levels of bandwidth and performance. EXFO’s FTBx-88800 test solution now supports 800ZR optics, making it the first portable test solution to support this cutting-edge technology, and the ideal choice for R&D and lab applications.