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EXFO Exchange - Open collaborative software platform

For deploying and maintaining higher quality networks faster, better and more efficiently through test automation and data insights.

Create workspaces and invite team members 

Equip your workforce and contractors with a collaborative software platform to organize projects and gain real-time visibility over job progress and MoP compliance. 

Optimize closeout package generation to close jobs rapidly and get paid faster.

Access individual or team workspaces 

You are now just steps away from completing jobs faster and better, consolidating results in a fraction of the time and sharing results in real time. 

To store, share and collaborate with team members, simply request an invitation from your team manager to your organization’s workspace on EXFO Exchange.

Connect and share results today!

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Manage field tests. Streamline workflows. Unlock insights.

Connect operations with real-time visibility

EXFO Exchange interconnects your entire field test ecosystem—including people, test results, hardware and software in a virtual hub, providing real-time visibility over project progress and MoP compliance.

Increase collaboration and build trust with your business partners

Equip your workforce with a collaborative software platform for each step of the network deployment journey—from first-time-right deployment to troubleshooting and maintenance. Everyone can store and share results to collaborate in real time.

Boost efficiency with automated processes

EXFO Exchange enables job planning to reduce admin tasks in the field, increases compliance and supports all post-processing capabilities while allowing managers, admin, and QA analysts to generate customized closeout reports without the need to install or learn additional software.

Reduce maintenance costs

With tested and validated fiber, you reduce truck rolls and ensure high service quality throughout your network.  Technicians can leverage useful, centralized data from Exchange to identify, find and fix network issues, reducing downtime.

Unlock insights to see what matters

Only EXFO Exchange stores, preprocesses and organizes data with inputs from across your entire field test ecosystem. This provides direct access to network quality insights as well as business insights into project progression and workforce productivity.

Key features

Centralized and organized data

Easy integration with existing systems

Collaboration within and across teams

Consolidated reporting service

Process automation