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Manufacture without constraints in a flexible, scalable and reliable test environment


Ramping up production for faster delivery
Tighter budgets and reduced CAPEX spending
Need to increase automation with reliable instruments


Video, cloud computing and other bandwidth-intensive applications are forcing operators to rapidly increase core/metro network capacity. At the same time, network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) are driven to make their own customers more agile in the way they do business. At the forefront of innovation, NEMs continuously enhance their offerings without compromising quality. They need best-in-class test equipment to support them in their transformations.

EXFO brings test orchestration and 3D analytics to converged networks testing for 100G and beyond, addressing the needs of NEMs for design, verification and manufacturing.

Key benefits

Fully modular to scale production capacity


System Verification
Optical transceiver testing
Manufacturing Automation
100G/200G/400G Coherent Transmitter testing