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5G and mobile service assurance

Essential for 5G service assurance and monetization. Critical for 5G success.

Sus desafíos

  • Complexity: Need to support new (radio, core) 5G capabilities and advanced features such as end-to-end network slicing
  • Customer: Need to quickly identify and address or to predict and preempt user/device-impacting 5G issues
  • Cost: Need to optimize investment in solutions/resources to operate the complex 5G network infrastructure
  • Complexity: Need to assure 5G services on top of a hybrid (physical, cloud/virtual), multi-vendor network infrastructure
  • Customer: Need to support 5G use cases for new verticals, including mission-critical health/industry/etc. services
  • Cost: Need to minimize service time-to-market without risking costly 5G performance issues, SLA violations, etc.


Complexity. Customer (experience/centricity). Cost. To a certain degree, the high-level 5G monitoring challenges are similar to the challenges for 4G (and earlier Gs) monitoring. But there are also substantial differences:

  • Key 5G features, such as ultra-low latency or end-to-end network slicing, and the 5G reliance on cloud and virtualization dramatically increase the complexity of network and service monitoring
  • 5G targets new industries and mission-critical IoT applications, so network and service monitoring must not overlook performance issues that affect more than the experience of a few individual users (customers)
  • The increased relevance and diversified as well as mission-critical nature of 5G emphasize the need to invest in advanced network and service monitoring solutions, including real-time monitoring

Without a doubt, 5G mandates a different approach to network and service monitoring.

How to address the 5G monitoring challenges

EXFO provides innovative monitoring solutions for end-to-end 5G network and service visibility. These expert solutions support the monitoring needs of different stakeholdersfrom operations and customer care to marketing and managementrelated to the physical, cloud/virtual and hybrid 5G network infrastructure.

EXFO’s solutions have been built upon years of experience working with network operators and service providers worldwide. By intelligently focusing on and using the “right” data derived through its own active and passive (virtual and physical probe) monitoring capabilities or through other means, EXFO can help its customers monitor, assure and monetize 5G.

EXFO’s 5G monitoring solutions address key 5G requirements including:

Intelligent automation

A prerequisite for 5G, from simpler (e.g., workflow) to more sophisticated (e.g., orchestration) monitoring-related network and service processes.

Actionable insights

Essential for 5G, based on real-time data, a more accurate view of the dynamic network and service topology, powerful diagnostics and AI-driven predictive/other capabilities.

Network focus

For holistic 5G network monitoring, from different domains (radio, core, transport) and the–critical for 5G–fiber infrastructure to the end-to-end hybrid network performance.

Service focus

For reliable 5G service monitoring, to understand how users/devices experience the network, to support customer-centric operations, and to maximize the benefits from exciting new services.

Beneficios clave

EXFO’s 5G monitoring solutions can provide high-resolution visibility into the domain-specific and end-to-end 5G performance. These insights are crucial for effective 5G optimization and end-to-end network slicing.

EXFO’s 5G monitoring solutions can help increase operational efficiency and maximize the productivity of operations teams through actionable analytics, AI and automation. To deal with the 5G complexity, advanced automation (and orchestration) is now a must-have.

EXFO’s 5G monitoring solutions can help address the uncertainty around the introduction of 5G. As a trusted provider of innovative and future-proof solutions for years, EXFO has a strong foundation of expertise in network and service monitoring.

EXFO’s 5G monitoring solutions can help detect and troubleshoot or predict and preempt network/service issues that affect 5G customers (users and devices). This customer-centric focus–a key feature of EXFO’s approach to network and service operations–is fundamental in 5G.

The adoption and commercial success of 5G depends on a number of factors, including network and service monitoring. EXFO’s best-in-class monitoring solutions can help network operators maximize revenues from 5G services while reducing time-to-market and investment in new infrastructure.


  • 5G insights: intelligence related to 5G network performance, service quality, user/device experience
  • 5G assurance: network slice assurance, network domain-specific assurance, automated service assurance
  • 5G monetization: launch, promotion and adoption of new 5G services, “aggressive” SLAs for enterprises
  • 5G optimization: experience/ROI-driven optimization on top of 5G, 4G, fiber and other network infrastructure
  • 5G customer-centric ops: proactive and predictive customer care, effective issue/complaint resolution
  • 5G and beyond: digital transformation, intelligent (AI-driven) and autonomous networks

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