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R&D/Lab innovation

Develop innovative solutions faster and more cost-effectively with high-performance, agile and automated test solutions.

Sus desafíos

  • Support test needs of different groups and multiple technologies
  • Keep tools up to date but need to stretch budget
  • Stay on top of new technologies but must minimize training time
  • Tight time constraints and limited supply of test equipment
  • Missing test functionality and software licenses—multiple tools often required
  • Long set-up times


Video, cloud computing and other bandwidth-intensive applications are forcing operators to rapidly increase core/metro network capacity. At the same time, network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) are driven to make their own customers more agile in the way they do business. At the forefront of innovation, NEMs continuously enhance their offerings without compromising quality. They need best-in-class test equipment to support them in their transformations.

EXFO brings test orchestration and 3D analytics to converged networks testing for 100G and beyond, addressing the needs of NEMs for design, verification and manufacturing.

Beneficios clave

Optical transceivers: from simple validation to full characterization

OTN switching and transport and support of Multichannel OTN/Mixed mapping

Analysis of CWDM and DWDM networks and wide range of measurement modes


  • Multiservice Testing
  • Advanced Transceiver Validation
  • Muxponder Testing and breakthrough level qualification
  • Multichannel OTN and Mixed mapping
  • Transponder Ethernet over OTN

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