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Government Labs

EXFO provides Government labs and R&D facilities with solutions that deliver faster, more cost-effective, and automated solutions to test emerging technologies.

Sus desafíos

  • Accuracy: EXFO test solutions provide repeatable, traceable results based on high-precision measurement.
  • Automation: Leveraging automated chip and wafer advanced navigation, plus instrument-controlled testing, EXFO’s solutions enable valuable data analysis. Más información
  • Data-based insights: Generating and managing structured data supports Artificial Intelligence and business intelligence.
  • High-performance: EXFO provides leading, end-to-end high-speed solutions for testing next-gen Ethernet, including 400G/800G. Más información
  • Future-proof: Our test solutions, from components to transceivers to optical fiber, are scalable to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs. Más información


Testing the emerging technologies ecosystem

Government labs are focused on staying ahead of the curve to leverage emerging technologies to best advantage for the entities they support.

EXFO has a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that span everything from testing Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) to testing high-speed network connectivity up to 800G.

With the ever-increasing spectrum of transceivers being introduced in the industry and other innovations in photonics, keeping pace with evolving technologies is key. Automated solutions are at the heart of producing replicable, accurate results, and EXFO’s swept laser technology for component and transceiver testing can deliver the reliable outcomes needed in stringent lab environments.

For the full lab ecosystem of testing, EXFO has the solutions to provide fast, accurate, repeatable, and cost-effective results, contributing value to your programs.

Beneficios clave

Reliable testing from EXFO is critical to ensuring that new technologies adopted by Government entities will add value in live applications.

Automated testing, industry-leading test solutions, and precision measurement provide confidence in lab outcomes.

Data outcomes of lab testing enable Artificial Intelligence applications and business intelligence.

EXFO has been pioneering test solutions for labs and R&D for over 35 years, setting the pace for PIC, transceiver, and high-speed testing.


  • Lab/R&D testing
  • PIC testing
  • Tunable lasers
  • Tunable filters

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