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Fuentes de luz óptica

Descubra una amplia gama de productos que responden a diferentes necesidades de pruebas: monomodo o multimodo; polarizado o no polarizado, banda ancha o banda angosta, ajustable, centrado en la longitud de onda según UIT y mucho más.

13 productos


FTBx-2850 - µITLA tunable light source

Continuous wave (CW), tunable laser with a high-power output, narrow linewidth and high-resolution tunability for coherent/OFDM transmission and WDM network emulation.

FTBx-2250 - broadband source

Compact, rugged and highly reliable light source—an essential lab testing building block

FTBx-2150 - fiber optic light source

Exceptional selection of single- or multi-wavelength, multimode LEDs and singlemode DFB lasers

OSICS SLD - broadband light source

Broadband light source with superluminescent light-emitting diodes that is ideal for optical component testing

OSICS DFB CWDM - high-power laser diode modules

High-performance distributed feedback laser diodes that are perfect for CWDM network testing

OSICS T100 - External cavity tunable laser module

Stepped external-cavity tunable laser modules that cover all telecom wavelengths

OSICS TLS-AG - WDM tunable lasers

WDM tunable lasers with high output power and low linewidth ideal for WDM transmission testing.


The OSICS DFB LANWDM modules are high-performance distributed feedback laser diodes perfect for testing silicon photonics chips.

OSICS DFB DWDM - distributed feedback laser modules

OSICS DFB DWDM modules based on high-performance distributed feedback laser diodes

FTB-2200 - Fuente de banda ancha

Fuente de luz de banda ancha compacta, robusta y confiable para utilizar con el Analizador de PMD FTB-5500B, ideal para entornos de campo