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5G done right. Unlock the promise of 5G and deliver new services with unprecedented user experience.


Complexity: Deploy and operate a hybrid, massive network including new (radio, core) 5G features and end-to-end slicing
Customer: Support use cases for new verticals including mission-critical 5G services (with strict SLAs/regulations)
Cost: Invest in new network infrastructure and in expert resources/solutions to test and assure the 5G network


What is 5G? An end-to-end ecosystem and a change catalyst, 5G will enable exciting use cases across consumer and enterprise verticals. Interestingly, 5G builds upon the fiber and 4G infrastructure as well as IT concepts, from network cloud/virtualization to service-based architecture.

In terms of high-level challenges—complexity, customer (experience), cost—there are major differences between 5G and 4G:

  • 5G is inherently more complex, and also relies on a mix of new and existing network infrastructure/technologies/concepts
  • 5G accentuates the importance of network and service quality, particularly for new industries (customers) and mission-critical IoT use cases
  • 5G requires significant investment in infrastructure and in expertise (engineers, solutions) to fully benefit from this infrastructure

In summary, 5G calls for a different approach to deployment and operation, from early feature lab testing to accurate field testing to effective service assurance and monetization.

How to address 5G challenges

EXFO provides innovative solutions for the diverse challenges related to the 5G foundational blocks: from 5G-specific (e.g., 5G launch) and 4G (e.g., optimization) to new concepts (e.g., cloud transition) and fiber (e.g., 5G readiness).

These expert solutions can be customized to meet the requirements of consumer/enterprise verticals and to support different 5G network stakeholders: lab, field, engineering, NOC/SOC, customer care, marketing, or management.

By building upon years of experience with network operators and service providers, EXFO can focus on the “right” data and insights to help its customers test, monitor, assure and monetize 5G.

Our solutions address key requirements for 5G:

The 5G massive scale, complex new features, and various options (e.g., NSA/SA, spectrum, new/open RAN architectures) mandate expert test and monitoring for flawless performance.

5G test and monitoring is about reliable service introduction and optimal customer-centric operation, based on understanding how users/devices experience and benefit from 5G.

To get 5G right the first time and to minimize 5G issues, powerful diagnostic and predictive capabilities (including AI) are needed for test and monitoring pre/post-deployment.

5G test and monitoring processes cannot be successful unless engineers/solutions use automation, from fit-for-purpose workflows to network and service orchestration.


Key benefits

EXFO’s 5G solutions target all the 5G lifecycle phases (lab to live), 5G layers (0 to 7), and 5G network domains (core to user/device). By providing the right data and insights through easy-to-use expert solutions and best-practice methodologies, EXFO helps to get 5G right the first time and to better understand how users/devices experience 5G.


Verify 5G: How to develop, test, validate, innovate. For 5G pre-deployment activities in the lab.
Deploy 5G: How to plan, test, validate, activate. For 5G field and remote/centralized activities.
Operate 5G: How to assure, monetize, troubleshoot, optimize. For 5G field and remote/centralized activities.