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Nova RAN

Nova RAN enables network planning, troubleshooting and optimization with geo-located subscriber data

Nova RAN
Nova RAN


Nova RAN is an integrated suite of applications for planning, troubleshooting and optimizing mobile networks using dynamic, geo-located device and subscriber data.

Unique capabilities

Nova RAN enables operators to troubleshoot and optimize the RAN end-to-end with valuable real-time insight, enriched by subscriber location, behavior and network usage.

Multi-dimensional analytics

View key network, cell, device, and application metrics based on rich crowd-sourced, geo-located subscriber data to optimize both RAN and QoE.

Full end-to-end troubleshooting

Best-in-class visibility with detailed inspection of message flows, enabling fast drill down to network problems and root cause identification.

Virtual drive testing

Leverage geo-located subscriber data to reduce drive tests by up to 80%, enhancing 4G and 5G network planning, troubleshooting and optimization.

Professional services

EXFO has delivered over 5,000 service engagements at leading operators worldwide. Tap into our expertise to optimize your RAN.


Swisscom delivers exceptional HD voice quality with VoLTE

Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading operator, chose EXFO’s VoLTE service assurance solution—Nova Geo for geolocated RF optimization and Nova Explorer for end-to-end troubleshooting—to monitor its network through all phases of deployment. Swisscom continues to count on NOVA to ensure ongoing quality assurance now that its VoLTE service is fully up and running.

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