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Nova SensAI

A revolutionary, real-time service assurance solution for dynamic networks and services

Nova SensAI
Nova SensAI

Nova SensAI platform

Detect, predict, and diagnose customer-impacting events in real-time using AI-driven analytics.

Automatically detect issues

Instantly detect and automatically predict subscriber-impacting outages and impairments, most of which currently go unnoticed.

Take effective action

Reveals event impact, origin, and root cause to prioritize and accelerate fault resolution and proactively optimize user experience.

Unique capabilities

Superpowers that reveal the invisible


Dynamically predicts and detects outages and impairments in mobile and fixed, physical and virtual networks.


Classifies, correlates and groups abnormal events affecting network performance and user experience.


Isolates fault location and diagnoses root cause to drive efficient, coordinated, prescriptive action.

Source agnostic

Ingests and interprets data from multiple source systems to collapse siloes and extract integrated insight.

Use Cases

Nova SensAI’s unique, dynamic, customer-centric view accelerates operations and outcomes.

Network performance

Optimize latency, network utilization and service delivery with end-to-end, multi-layer anomaly detection and correlated analytics.

Detect and troubleshoot transient degradations and periodic issues affecting performance to offer a differentiated experience.

Service quality

Exceed expectations by optimizing network, service and cloud performance with dynamic, contextual insight into individual user experience.

Maintain QoE over highly dynamic, multi-technology networks and services by automatically detecting and diagnosing outages and degradations.

Video QoE

Drive down the largest source of churn and become the provider of choice with lightweight, AI-driven OTT video monitoring that sees video quality the same way people do.

SensAI correlates perceptive video quality metrics (QoE) with underlying network quality metrics (QoS) to automatically detect and diagnose the root cause of poor OTT video transport.

5G success

Gain complete visibility into dynamic, complex 5G networks to meet the elevated expectations of humans and machines.

Infuse insight into the individual experience into orchestrated domains and services to close the loop on 5G new revenue opportunities.

Reveal the invisible in your network

Seeing is believing. Learn how SensAI performs in live networks.

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