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Nova SensAI - revolutionary, real-time automated assurance solution

Instantly detects and predicts customer-impacting events so network operators can rapidly resolve or prevent network issues

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Tous nos produits Nova SensAI - revolutionary, real-time automated assurance solution
Tous nos produits Nova SensAI - revolutionary, real-time automated assurance solution

Reveal the invisible.

Nova SensAI automatically detects and measures customer-impacting events in real time—telling you who was impacted, where and for how long. It diagnoses the root cause of issues so they can be rapidly resolved. Plus, it predicts issues to prevent future outages or network degradation. More customers will leave your network before they’ll report a problem. Keep those customers instead—let Nova SensAI help you reveal what was once invisible.

Detect and resolve. Predict to prevent.

A unique new lens

Automatically detects and predicts network outages and impairments

True customer impact reporting in seconds

Instantly diagnoses and ranks fault origin

Accelerates problem resolution to reduce customer churn

Learns what’s normal and adapts to change

Openly ingests & analyzes any data source

Detect and predict customer impact in real time

By openly analyzing data from multiple systems and sources in real-time, Nova SensAI's proactive network monitoring capability autonomously adapts to network changes, user behavior and applications to differentiate impairments from normal events. When problems do occur, operators can better manage troubleshooting operations in the field, prioritizing technician activity based on outage severity.

Compare live data against learned baseline patterns

True user experience is largely invisible. Most network degradations are short and affect small groups of customers at a time—they often disappear before slow, analytics-driven monitoring detect them. Despite most degradations remaining invisible to the operator, their impact is very real to the customer, as reflected in customer propensity to churn.

Only models that continuously analyze data in real time can deliver a true snapshot of network health. Nova SensAI defines a normal pattern then qualifies future events and anomalies as normal or triggers alarms for those that are abnormal. As the network or services change, Nova SensAI’s model of what’s normal adapts and changes too—it continuously re-evaluates and re-assesses what “normal” is as services and traffic changes.

All alarms are not created equal

When it comes to customer impact, all alarms aren’t created equal. To prioritize corrective action, operators need to perform real-time, outage-impact assessment. And this assessment must be based on the number and importance of affected customers. 

Nova SensAI enables operators to make the move from network-centric to customer-prioritized troubleshooting systems. It accesses and analyzes data collected by network probes to get a true picture of the state of customer experience, basing its analysis on real-time customer traffic.

Stop inferring QoE from network-layer metrics like traditional systems

While network monitoring is fast—raising alarms within milliseconds of faults—user experience monitoring requires significant processing time. On average, it takes between 40 minutes to a week for operations to gain visibility into the experience of specific customers. 

Nova SensAI doesn't infer customer experience from network-layer metrics like traditional systems do. That's why its fast, accurate and actionable. It scales to the 5G reality with data processing that's very focused, that's done on the fly. It's lightweight, easy to deploy, and complements existing solutions with a customer-first viewpoint that's easy to integrate into operations' existing systems and processes.  

Automate network outage detection & resolution processes

Just when the volume of network data is exploding, the number of people tasked with interpreting and managing it is shrinking thanks to a worldwide talent shortage. To handle it all, teams must be more nimble and agile than ever before.

Nova SensAI generates top-notch insights using automated service assurance capabilities—no configuration or human intervention required. Switch from obsolete, unscalable manual processes to automated ones to decrease MTTD, MTTR and the risk of big network problems.

Scan, correlate and analyze real-time data

Building insights from mountains of metrics is daunting and complicated. And since information is siloed, it paints a disjointed, unclear picture. Trying to correlate data from diverse systems adds another dimension to the puzzle and requires multiple resources.

Correlating metrics and combos of KPI-data into something meaningful—while continuously adjusting alarm thresholds and analyzing patterns—requires a shift from complex, manual to streamlined, automated processes. Nova SensAI is automated, self-learning and adapts, based on real-time data. It helps operators get the most from their data—a mandatory requirement to successfully manage ever-evolving networks.

Nova Adaptive Service Assurance: The right data. Right now.

Watch EXFO’s E2E automation story to learn how EXFO’s Nova Adaptive Service Assurance (A|SA)—the industry’s first service assurance-centric automation platform—quickly gives operators the right data at the right time to detect, diagnose and resolve customer-impacting events originating from communications network infrastructure and services.

Boosting mobile-customer brand experience

Brand experience is everything in an era when mobile customers are hard to attract and even harder to retain. When customers check their mobile devices on average 150 times per day, low quality networks can deliver a punishing blow to an operator’s overall brand and individual-customer’s brand experience. If customers switch operators due to poor network quality, they won’t be back without some significant and provable change that rebuilds confidence. For an operator, understanding network status and quickly being able to act and fix issues affecting core product offerings are essential for achieving exceptional brand performance and ultimately keeping customers. 

Nova SensAI is more than an operations tool, it’s a revolution in customer management and brand building. It delivers insights that benefit and inform an operator’s entire organization including targeted information important to operations, customer care, product management and the C-suite.  

Caractéristiques principales

  • Accepts data (real-time or at-rest) from current sources or from any probes or sensors (active or passive)
  • Conducts automatic, real-time investigations into event root causes, adapting as networks and services change
  • Adaptable, built to include rule-based directions such as giving priority to raising cases on subsets of data
  • Lightweight and agile: stores only anomaly-evidence data, instead of all the data all the time
  • Accessible from mobile devices enabling direct, on-the-go access to insights, events and anomalies for multiple teams
  • Open architecture to support pluggable algorithms for future use cases beyond anomaly detection

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