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EXFO’s QualityAssurer is a load-testing simulator used in labs to verify that the IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) network, devices and services are delivering expected performance prior to deployment.

Avantages clés

Tests advanced end-to-end next-generation services such as VoIP, IPX, VoLTE, RCS and WebRTC

Characterizes the performance of network devices, such as A-SBC, I-SBC, E-SBC, P-CSCF,I-CSCF, S-CSCF, MGW, SCC-AS, TAS, HSS, DRA, PCRF and more

Supports both legacy devices/networks and those based on NFV architecture

10 million VoLTE/SRVCC or WebRTC subscribers with 1.28 million concurrent RTP/SRTP streams per test system

Emulates IMS devices and protocols to replace any or all expensive real devices during lab testing