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Service assurance platform

If you can’t see the problem, you can’t solve the problem. EXFO’s Nova platform automatically detects, predicts and diagnoses customer-impacting events in complex, dynamic networks.


The Nova platform is uniquely designed to assure highly dynamic, multi-technology networks and services. It provides critical insight by automatically measuring and analyzing what’s needed to detect and diagnose outages and degradations.


Monitors quality of experience of every service, customer and device


Dynamic topology relates service quality with underlying networks and services


Complete all-layer visibility from customer to RAN and core to cloud


Automatically reveals and predicts service degradations that impact customers


Nova adaptive service assurance helps service providers make better data-driven decisions in the shortest possible time. Explore below.


EXFO solutions help you exceed customer expectations. Learn how we help you overcome your key challenges.

Expertise and customers

We help deploy better and faster. We provide real-time visibility into service performance.


Service providers use the Nova platform to design, monitor and optimize networks and services, to automate operations and to exceed customer expectations by providing a superior experience. 

EXFO’s customers rely on our expertise to help them meet their business goals and deliver the best possible performance from their network investments. 


Innovation that delivers gets noticed. EXFO is recognized by the industry for a transformative approach to service assurance that accelerates the path to dynamic 5G networks and the new revenue they enable.

These awards highlight successful large-scale deployments of adaptive service assurance in our customers’ networks. 

Industry associations

Our history of innovation is rooted in close relationships with customers and the associations that define and enable an open, standardized communications industry. 

We actively participate in projects centered on using automation and analytics to deliver a better user experience. By collaborating to design the future, we can design better solutions together. 

Key facts

EXFO is exclusively focused on developing innovative solutions for communications service providers. The Nova adaptive service assurance platform is built on 35 years of direct experience serving the telecommunications industry. 

Across the globe, we bring our skills and expertise assuring multi-generational networks to help our customers transform without risk. 

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