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OSICS ATN - high-power variable optical attenuator

Combining industry-standard attenuator components and a broad attenuation range, the OSICS ATN brings you the power to operate throughout a large wavelength range

Hoja de especificaciones (PDF) Manual del usuario (PDF)

Características principales

  • 60 dB attenuation range
  • Low return loss
  • 2 W maximum input power
  • Easy real-time operation
  • OSICS platform with single-slot module


  • Optical amplifier characterization
  • Large channel-count DWDM testbeds


One module to rule them all

This tool packs the range to cover all attenuation requirements in a single unit.

Streamlined testing

Optical isolator? No need. The OSICS ATN delivers laser stability all on its own, thanks to its low return loss.


The OSICS ATN lets you adjust the attenuation in real time—easily. 

Feature packed

EXFO’s platform is stacked with features including commands, hosting of 8+ modules, high-performance tunable laser sources and optical switches.

OSICS ATN - high-power variable optical attenuator

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