OSICS BKR - Variable back reflector

Variable back reflector designed to measure the effects of back reflections (return loss) on transponder prototypes

Características principales

55 dB reflection range
Easy real-time operation
Single-slot module inside the OSICS platform


Simulation of cumulated reflection from unmated connectors
Return loss measurement calibration
Component testing
Laser development and production
OTDR testing


EXFO’s OSICS BKR variable back reflector emulates reflectance from all optical interfaces within fiber optic systems. It is the perfect R&D tool for testing the effects of back reflection on transponder prototypes and stressing transmitters and receivers in PON/WDM systems

Broad reflection range

The OSICS BKR features a variable reflector that can be set from 3 to 55 dB and operates throughout a large wavelength range. Its broad reflection range lets you cover any setup with a single instrument.

Easy real-time operation

Adjust or read reflectance in real time, anytime, on the user-friendly front-panel display.

Added features

EXFO’s OSICS modules are stacked with great features, including remote commands, high-performance tunable laser sources, optical switches, and the ability to host up to eight modules.