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OSICS BKR - variable back reflector

Variable back reflector designed to measure the effects of back reflections (return loss) on transponder prototypes

Hoja de especificaciones (PDF) Manual del usuario (PDF)

Características principales

  • 55 dB reflection range
  • Easy real-time operation
  • Single-slot module inside the OSICS platform


  • Simulation of cumulated reflection from unmated connectors
  • Return loss measurement calibration
  • Component testing
  • Laser development and production
  • OTDR testing


EXFO’s OSICS BKR variable back reflector emulates reflectance from all optical interfaces within fiber optic systems. It is the perfect R&D tool for testing the effects of back reflection on transponder prototypes and stressing transmitters and receivers in PON/WDM systems

Broad reflection range

The OSICS BKR features a variable reflector that can be set from 3 to 55 dB and operates throughout a large wavelength range. Its broad reflection range lets you cover any setup with a single instrument.

Easy real-time operation

Adjust or read reflectance in real time, anytime, on the user-friendly front-panel display.

Added features

EXFO’s OSICS modules are stacked with great features, including remote commands, high-performance tunable laser sources, optical switches, and the ability to host up to eight modules.

OSICS BKR - variable back reflector

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