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OSA20 - optical spectrum analyzer

Fastest diffraction-grating-based instrument operating from 1250 to 1700 nm. Provides fast, accurate, high dynamic range scan. Unique touch-sensitive display with multitouch gesture control.

Spec sheet (PDF) User manual (PDF)

Key features

  • Wavelength range of 1250-1700 nm
  • Wavelength resolution of 20 pm (native), adjustable over 50-2000 pm
  • Sweep speed up to 2000 nm/s
  • Wavelength accuracy of ±10 pm over 1500-1640 nm and ±25 pm over 1250-1700 nm
  • Power level accuracy of ±0.4 dB
  • Built-in calibration source


  • Characterization of WDM signals (coarse WDM, dense WDM and ROADM)
  • Characterization of multiple longitudinal mode laser sources (e.g., Fabry-Perot laser diodes)
  • Long distance transmission system analysis with a recirculating loop
  • Characterization of optical fiber amplifiers (e.g., Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier)
  • Characterization of singlemode lasers (e.g., distributed feedback Bragg laser diodes and external cavity lasers)
  • Characterization of broadband sources (semiconductor, Raman/fiber optical amplifiers, superluminescent or edge-emitting LED) Read more
  • Characterization of passive components (e.g., optical filters, isolators or fibers)


Most practical, high performance optical spectrum analyzer on the market.


The OSA20 is the fastest optical spectrum analyzer of its kind with a maximum sweep speed of 2000 nm/s. It uses a fixed monochromator bandwidth of 20 pm and a fixed sampling resolution of 2 pm for all scans. This means every measurement is taken at the highest resolution and the highest accuracy. Sweep speed is determined solely by the choice of the sensitivity level: -55 dBm at 2000 nm/s down to -90 dBm by averaging over 380 scans with HIGH at 0.5 nm/s.


The OSA20’s monochromator utilizes a renowned filter technology. The scanning filter has a 20 pm bandwidth, steep edges and low stray light. Power is integrated over 2 pm steps resulting in 225,001 data points for a 450 nm span. This allows for DWDM channel analysis down to 6.25 GHz spacing. The instrument has a high wavelength accuracy over the full wavelength range with ±10 pm specified over 1500-1640 nm.

Easy to use

The OSA20 is operated through its 12 inch capacitive touch screen with multi-touch gesture control, an industry first. This allows very fast navigation, scrolling and zooming in an intuitive manner. Keyboard and mouse control are also available through the USB interfaces.

OSA20 - optical spectrum analyzer

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