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CT440/CT440-PDL - optical component tester

Compact tester for fast and accurate characterization of passive optical components

Key features

Fast transfer function measurement
1240–1680 nm wavelength range (SMF model)
PM and PDL options
1–250 pm wavelength resolution
±5 pm wavelength accuracy
65 dB dynamic range in a single sweep
Combines up to four tunable lasers (SMF model)
Four internal detectors, expandable with synchronization


Photonic integrated circuit (PIC) testing
Wavelength selective switch testing
Optical filter testing


EXFO’s compact CT440 lets you quickly and accurately test passive optical components (e.g., MUX/DEMUX, filters, splitters) and modules (ROADM, WSS). What’s more, the unit covers the spectral range from 1240 to 1680 nm, allowing for measurements over the full telecom band. With the PDL option, the CT440 can simultaneously measure insertion loss and polarization dependent loss.

Full-band sweep

The CT440 (SMF model) can operate between 1240 and 1680 nm. When several TLSs are used, the CT440 can automatically switch between the lasers to allow for seamless full‑band measurements. The single connection to the DUT means no external switch is required.

Fast insertion loss measurement

The CT440 features a unique combination of high-speed electronics and optical interferometry. The four integrated detectors let you simultaneously measure four channels with a 65 dB dynamic range in a single laser sweep. Moreover, ±5 pm wavelength accuracy is achieved at any sweep velocity, so there is no compromise between measurement speed and accuracy.

Accurate insertion loss measurement

The CT440 is a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on performance. With its monitoring photodetector, adjustable sampling resolution, superior wavelength accuracy and built-in wavemeter, it delivers everything you need for accurate measurements in a single box when interfaced with a tunable laser source and PC.


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