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LTB-12 - rackmount modular mainframe

Bring power to your lab with a powerful, scalable and hot-swappable twelve-slot rackmount or benchtop platform designed for advanced lab and manufacturing photonic applications.

Key features

Compact 4U solution with high port module density for in-rack and tabletop applications
Hot-swap capability for quick transitions between both rackmount and portable platforms
RAID1 mirroring for redundancy and data protection
Simple, easy-to-use industrial grade computer design with the Microsoft Windows operating system
Out-of-band management: optimal remote access for maintenance or initial setup using Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT)
Powerful and flexible enough to run automation software and scripts without an external personal computer
Maximum connectivity options with USB3, LAN, HDMI and VGA ports
Accessibility: remote access capability via VNC or Remote Desktop. Third-party tools can be easily installed for a versatile range of applications


Active and passive component testing
Transceiver manufacturing
WSS and ROADM calibration and tests
Sensing and spectroscopy
Spectral characterization


The optical testing market is growing and evolving. Network equipment manufacturers and research laboratories need versatile solutions that address the numerous testing requirements of the market. With its small format, ultra-powerful processing and highly intuitive interface, the LTB-12 is optimized for lab users to carry out dedicated test applications simply and efficiently for a variety of technologies, including photonic integrated circuits (PICs), WSS, ROADM, passive optical components and more.

Windows advantage

Keep it simple and use the same applications you always have including Microsoft Office Suite (i.e., Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and other familiar programs. 

  • Faster start times and multitasking deliver a superior user experience
  • Familiar desktop design makes the LTB-12 easy to use
  • Remote connection via Microsoft Remote Desktop

Supports optical test modules

The FTBx optical module family is EXFO’s next-generation test solution

  • Enjoy a full suite of advanced optical functionalities including power sensing, attenuation, switching, spectrum analysis, light source and OTDR/iOLM
  • Take control of each module with a user-friendly graphical user interface
  • Combine capabilities to build customized measurements

Automation for manufacturing

Thanks to a complete list of programming interfaces, the LTB-12 is ready to be automated using proven industry methods, including but not limited to: SCPI, IVI, RESTful Web services, TCP/IP, VISA, Ethernet, ActiveX, GPIB (optional) and RS-232 (optional).

Choose your preferred integrated development environment (IDE), install on LTB-12 hard drive, select a programming language among Python, LabVIEW, C#, TCL, MATLAB®, C++, Visual Basic and start coding.

Fiber inspection and verification

Taking the time to properly inspect a fiber optic cable can prevent a slew of problems down the line—saving you time, money and headaches. Plug EXFO’s FIP-430B into a USB port on the LTB-12 and through EXFO’s ConnectorMax2 Analysis Software, quickly see if connectors pass or fail inspection.

  • The FIP-430B automates each operation in the connector endface inspection sequence, transforming this critical process into one quick and easy step
  • The ConnectorMax2 is an analysis software application that works with EXFO’s fiber inspection probes enabling technicians to:
    • View and automatically analyze connector images, eliminate guesswork and deliver quick pass/fail assessment of connector endfaces. 
    • Generate reports and document jobs with EXFO's reporting tool
    • Save time and money in the lab
  • For complete automation in your manufacturing or deployment process, EXFO offers a RESTful Web services API and a comprehensive software development kit (SDK):
    • Use programming to select test configuration and start an inspection sequence
    • Retrieve measurement results and PASS/FAIL status
    • View live image of connector

Remote monitoring and control

Use remote access applications such as VNC, Remote Desktop or web browsers to monitor and troubleshoot test applications carried out on an LTB-12 platform located anywhere in the world.


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