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FTBx-2250 - Broadband light source

Compact, rugged and highly reliable light source—an essential lab testing building block

Key features

LED CWDM range (1460 to 1620 nm)
Fixed output power
Optimized for power stability
High spectral density


Covering all the bands required for telecom applications, the FTBx-2250 is the best choice for broadband applications, CWDM network testing, PON component manufacturing and testing as well as fiber-optic sensing and spectroscopy.

Single output source

The SCLi option, used for CWDM testing, features a very cost-effective test setup for accurate characterization of fiber links and their passive components.  

Designed for component testing

Enables measurement of high-level insertion loss. When combined with an OSA, enables efficient qualification of components during development stage or pass/fail testing during production.

High spectral-density stability

High-spectral density stability is critical to ensuring that tests produce accurate measurements every time.