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LTK-1 - Benchtop optical kits

Compact and flexible test kits in the LTB-1 Lab Benchtop Platform.

Key features

High-performance power meter with choice of one, two or four detectors
Singlemode and multimode variable attenuator
Easy-to-use web-based user interface
The FIP-400B fiber inspection probe can be added as an option
IVI-compliant drivers for fast and simple integration into automated test systems


Flexible and affordable high-performance benchtop power meter on new LTB-1 platform

The LTK-1 Benchtop Optical Kits combine the FTB-1750 power meter module with the new LTB-1 platform. The kits deliver a high-performance benchtop power meter solution.  

These test kits can be tailored to meet the needs of the lab engineer looking for high performance as well as the needs of the production manager looking for a small, cost-effective solution that can easily be automated. The LTK-1 was designed to help network equipment manufacturers get the best performance from their test sets. 

The LTK-1 advantage

The LTK-1 power meter kit is the only benchtop instrument on the market to offer touchscreen display and combine an optional inspection probe, namely the industry-leading FIP-400B.

Flexibility to fit your needs

The LTK-1 Benchtop Optical Kits have been designed to provide you with the flexibility you need to build and configure your benchtop test instrument to your precise requirements. You can select simple power meter or variable attenuator versions, or combine multiple modules into a single platform.

The optical power meter

The unique, patented design of the FTB-1750 High-Performance Optical Power Meter saves time, cuts costs and significantly enhances measurement throughput. Its 85 dB range and fast stabilization time allow you to simultaneously measure high and low signals on up to four channels. This power meter delivers speed, accuracy and flexibility in a compact form-factor.

The LTB-1 platform

The new Windows-based LTB-1 Lab Benchtop Platform offers maximum efficiency and flexibility with its Ethernet remote control port and powerful processor. It comes with a web-based user interface and powerful remote control capabilities via built-in Ethernet port and IVI-compliant instrument drivers.