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FTBx-2150 - fiber optic light source

Exceptional selection of single- or multi-wavelength, multimode LEDs and singlemode DFB lasers

Spec sheet (PDF) User manual (PDF)

Key features

  • Single-, dual- or multi-wavelength LEDs or IL/ORL optimized DFB lasers
  • Individual output port for DFB lasers
  • Combines two sources on a single output for LED
  • Continuous-wave or modulated output power
  • Variable output power over a 5 dB range for singlemode fiber
  • Encircled flux compliance as per IEC-61280-4-1 Ed.2


  • Insertion loss measurements
  • Return loss measurements
  • Spectral attenuation measurements in fiber
  • FTTx component characterization
  • Splicing test stations
  • Stability measurements


The FTBx-2150 is perfect for IL and ORL testing as well as FTTx component verification. This high-performant, stable fiber optic light source guarantees accurate and reliable test results in advanced testing environments.

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FTBx-2150 - fiber optic light source

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