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Data centers

Fiber-enabled global transformation

Building, maintaining and transforming data centers for AI and 400G+

Data centers are migrating to higher speeds to meet growing demands for data, cloud services and AI, aiming for higher reliability and lower latency. In this context, fiber optics play a pivotal role in achieving fast, efficient and reliable data transmission. However, the efficiency of fiber optics relies heavily on the quality of the installation and the integrity of the fiber connections. To guarantee these attributes, rigorous fiber optics and optical testing are essential from build through maintenance to upgrades. 

As the world’s leading expert in optical test solutions for 35+ years, EXFO is strategically poised to help data centers—of all sizes and scope—build, activate, maintain and upgrade their infrastructure for 400G and beyond.

Do more and faster, without ever compromising on quality

data centers speed up

Speed up data center construction and transformation to meet growing demands, while ensuring network uptime and performance. 

data center gain real time visibility

Gain real-time visibility on job quality and progress, ensure optimal resource allocation and performance while efficiently generating closeout reports. 

data centers automated first time

Say goodbye to complex test instruments, USB keys and manual reporting. Achieve first-time-right system acceptance through automated solutions, regardless of experience. 


Testing and certifying ultra-high-fiber-count cables, while inspecting thousands of connectors, pose significant challenges in delivering reliable, high-performance data center networks on time and within budget. 

Simplifying testing for all 

EXFO’s intuitive, versatile and connected solutions empower any technician, regardless of experience, to test like an expert—from Tier-1 and Tier-2 fiber certification through first-time-right troubleshooting to validating upgrade interoperability. To know more, explore our Data Center Solution Guide

Why choose EXFO?

First-time-right fiber certification

Whether Tier-1 or Tier-2 fiber certification, EXFO solutions help you achieve faster, first-time-right system acceptance. EXFO equipment is renowned for its accuracy and ease of use in testing diverse fiber cabling configurations and connector interfaces (e.g., multimode, singlemode, duplex, base-8/12 and MPO connectors) according to fiber cabling standards such as TIA, IEC, and ISO. 

Boost your 400G game!

Jumping to higher speeds is a necessity, but due to its complexity, it’s also a challenge. Moving to 400G and beyond everywhere requires special considerations for data centers and at the network core—such as how to handle increasing switching capacity and constant advances in pluggable optics. Out in the field, technicians need to be equipped with the right tools to do the job—ready to handle whichever technology they encounter onsite, including testing either 100G or 400G and beyond links.

Learn more about how EXFO helps the move to move to 400G.

Intelligent transceiver validation 

EXFO's iOptics puts an end to transceiver uncertainties in under three minutes, validating whether transceivers are good or defective.  

Defective units can be reported directly to manufacturers using iOptics' detailed report, while functioning ones return to inventory. 

This efficiency reduces waste, saves time and simplifies replacements. 

One-touch, automatic characterization 

iOLM is an innovative OTDR-based application that turns complex OTDR data into simple and accurate analysis with the following advantages: 

  • One-touch, automatic analysis and clear icon-based mapping of all the elements/events on the link. 
  • Automatic parameter settings and clear pass/fail results. 
  • Prompt diagnosis enabling rapid and efficient resolution of network issues. 

Next step

Take a step further. Book a personalized demo and discover how our solutions can help you deploy and operate data center networks faster, reliably and in a more sustainable way.