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5 Best practices you need to know about MPO testing in data centers

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Gwenn Amice

Subject Matter Expert

Gwenn Amice currently holds the position of Subject Matter Expert with EXFO, focusing on next generation optical network in charge of technical seminars, trainings, support and technical advices to EXFO’s customers.

Since 2019 Gwenn Amice has been appointed Senior member of technical staff representing EXFO at industry standard events and interfacing with EXFO product development groups.

Mr. Amice holds a university degree in electrical engineering and industrial computing.

He is a member of the Broadband Forum Americas Technology Committee

Vincent Racine

Product Line Manager, Optical Business Unit, EXFO

Vincent Racine cumulates over 10 years of experience in fiber-optic testing. Namely, he actively participated in the early phases of worldwide FTTH technology deployment, contributing his expertise to seminars, field trials and test instrument customization. He is responsible for EXFO’s optical portable test-instrument portfolio, including automated loss and optical-return loss testers, PON power meters, as well as fiber inspection probes commonly used in FTTx deployments. Vincent holds a degree in telecommunications, and has been with EXFO since 1999.

While MPO connectors are gaining in popularity, they also come with their share of challenges. Especially in a data center context. Ensuring link performance and getting it right the first time is critical. How to ensure MPO link performance? It all starts with testing. This session will cover what you need to do to ensure the quality of your link.

You will learn the following actions:

  • Perform proper inspection of MPO connectors in a data center,
  • Identify the main causes of failure and which tools to use to clean when needed
  • Validate the polarity type of MPO links
  • Confirm link continuity Select the right referencing method to perform testing.

Attendees will earn one BICSI Continuing Education Credit

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