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EA-4000 Eye Analyzer - Optical and electrical sampling oscilloscope

The fastest sampling scope in the industry. A powerful solution for the 5G production line.

Key features

Ultra-fast 1M samples/s, measures 1000 waveforms in 2 seconds (2000 samples/waveform)
Optical receiver support singlemode and multimode
Repeatable measurements and comparable to Tier-1 scope
Supports PRBS31 pattern lock (optional)
Built-in low jitter mode (optional)


Production testing of transceivers: evaluation and validation
Sensitivity testing of optical receivers
TP1-a stress calibration


The EA-4000 Eye Analyzer is the industry’s fastest optical and electrical sampling oscilloscope. It is ideal for eye diagram analysis when characterizing transmitters and receivers on the production floor. The EA-4000 supports singlemode and multimode fibers and has been designed with an ultra-low jitter mode for outstanding performance in manufacturing.

Extended capabilities are available with either single or dual ports for electrical and optical characterization of NRZ-based components.

The EA-4000 has three models that cover different applications:

EA-4000 three models table

Low rates such as 1.25G, 2.5G and 10G are also supported. For more details, please refer to the specification sheet.

The EA-4000 Eye Analyzer—along with the BA-4000 Bit Analyzer, the MA-4000 Module Analyzer and the CD-4000 Clock Recovery—is part of EXFO’s unique solution for transceiver validation from end to end.


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