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Fiber Monitoring

Stay in control of your fiber optic network's availability and quality. Always.


Lack of simple way to integrate OTDR monitoring function into a software defined network (SDN) open architecture
Physical network inventory not up-to-date resulting in inaccurate fault localization
No real-time knowledge or holistic view of current network condition and trends
Visibility required from central to key delivery points to better plan for natural disasters
Cannot pinpoint faults accurately or fast enough
Fully secured monitoring solutions needed to address IT security concerns


EXFO’s remote fiber testing & monitoring solutions are built based on fixed OTDR test equipment placed at strategic central locations across the network. The condition of fiber optic installations are constantly checked and the locations of degradations or breaks are pinpointed within minutes of occurring. Through optical switching, our solutions automate and speed-up the execution of tests throughout various phases of the network lifecycle. With EXFO's world-leading OTDR and iOLM technologies, you can qualify, certify, activate, troubleshoot and monitor any point-to-point (P2P) or point-to-multipoint (P2MP) network link.

From stand-alone remote test equipment with complete API sets that seamlessly integrate with your SDN or workflows, to a fully turn-key centralized system that can merge with your existing GIS/inventory tool, EXFO has a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Key benefits

Reduce time-to-understanding from hours to minutes


Dark fiber and wholesale providers
Fiber optic cable monitoring in backhaul, submarine, etc.
FTTx for business services and mobile networks
Cloud services and enterprise networks
In-service 100G+ ROADM core
Adding fiber monitoring capabilities to an SDN