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EXFO and Hyperoptic: partnering to provide telecom services

Collaboration in the telecom sector is about more than deploying a device or piece of software. It’s about working together to achieve a shared business objective.

Since its founding, UK-based full fiber broadband provider Hyperoptic has focused on giving its customers the best possible service—and instrumental to this has been the installation of fiber, right the first time. Testing has been vital to ensure high reliability and EXFO has been a valuable partner for Hyperoptic to ensure top service goals are achieved.

Dana Tobak, Hyperoptic CEO, and Philippe Morin, EXFO CEO, recently met to discuss their collaboration and how going beyond a customer and supplier relationship has made working together so successful. The result is a video that captures the essence of the ideal partnership between a forward-thinking service provider and a test, measurement, and analytics expert.

Innovative testing solutions

Hyperoptic prides itself on having more five-star Trustpilot reviews than several other larger providers combined. To achieve this, Hyperoptic has been dedicated to building its network first-time-right, minimizing the need for extra truck rolls to resolve issues. While this reduces costs, it also achieves something even more valuable: customers are far more satisfied with the service they receive as a result.

Together, EXFO and Hyperoptic have implemented a solution to make this happen: a combination of centralized and local testing. EXFO’s cloud-based remote fiber testing and monitoring provides end-to-end link testing, along with diagnostic and proactive monitoring of Hyperoptic’s network, so problems can be identified quickly. Handheld testing solutions also mean that field technicians can receive immediate and accurate feedback, ensuring that everything is working optimally before leaving an installation or maintenance site.

Toward the future

The two CEOs discussed current network deployments as well as future possibilities, including how AI and machine learning may affect the planning, building, and testing of networks. Whether it’s knowing where to build networks or pinpointing common problems, AI will inevitably play a part—and in some cases, it already does. Both companies are proactively working on how AI will assist with their data-driven approach.

Ultimately, successful partnering is based on this type of proactivity and problem-solving, whether that’s testing solutions underpinning a reliable network or solving problems for customers before they know they exist. Telecom infrastructure is made up of many parts, making the sector by its nature collaborative—but the best joint efforts are those that create a better experience for end user customers, as with Hyperoptic and EXFO.


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